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Website Design


This project was a labor of love, especially after dedicating nearly three years to the company. As I spearheaded the SRC website project from start to finish, it became a personal challenge and a reflection of my time there.


Upon analyzing data from the website analytics, I identified two critical issues: low traffic and minimal user engagement beyond the homepage. Drawing from my first-hand experience with customers, I sought to address their needs through optimized content and an engaging, luxurious design. This approach aimed to elevate the user experience and ultimately drive more meaningful interactions with the website.

SRC Contact.png

Personal Touch

When considering how to enhance the website's design, I decided to introduce a secondary font with a handwritten appearance to emphasize our dedication to personalization. To further highlight this aspect, I created small animations using Adobe After Effects. These animations not only added a unique touch to the website but also reinforced our commitment to providing a truly tailored experience for our clients.

Our Services.gif
About Us.gif


For this project, my aim was to seamlessly blend luxury with simplicity. When conceptualizing the design, I envisioned a homepage that would serve as a central hub, offering easy access to all key features with just a touch. I prioritized intuitive navigation, steering clear of overly complex design elements. Additionally, I sought to empower users with maximum control over their browsing experience, achieved through the incorporation of both automatic sliders and user-friendly arrow controls.


Final Thoughts

While the project achieved success, it was not without its shortcomings. Reflecting on it, I see areas where further development is warranted, particularly within the services section, which I believe holds untapped potential. Certain pages, like the contact page, have not aged well and could have benefitted from more careful execution.

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